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Tips for Traveling to Peru

Peru is located in the central and western part of South America, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, with approximately 30 million inhabitants, encompass 1285 215.60 square kilometers and is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina .

The country is politically organized in 24 regions without including the constitutional province of Callao, and divided geographically into 3 large regions (coast, highland and jungle).

Lima, is the capital of Peru, the first city in the country, followed by Arequipa, given its demographic and economic importance. It has two official languages: the Castilian and Quechua”The language of the empire of the Incas”. It is possible to communicate in English in places of tourist affluence.

The Andes mountain crosses its territory from south to north, shaping the region of the sierra.

The highest peak in Peru is the Huascarán (6,768 meters), located in the White Mountain Range, It’s an ideal place for various adventure sports.

» Weather in Peru

Coast: The temperature can reach 28 ° C during the summer (December-April), during the rest of the year the temperature can drop to 14 ° C with 90% humidity.

Highland: From December to April rainfall occurs, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 5 ° C, and from May to November there are sunny days with nights of intense cold. This is the best season of the year to make visits to the different tourist attractions from Perú highlands.

junglle: The weather of the jungle is tropical that is to say warm, humid and rainy, the annual temperature exceeds 30 ° C.l clima de la selva es tropical, es decir cálido, húmedo y lluvioso, la temperatura anual supera los 30°C.

» Religion – Perú

Peru is one of the most religious countries in the world, most of the population professes the Catholic religion, although there is the broadest tolerance of religious worships.

» Currency and Payment Method

The monetary unit is the Sol (S /.) With their respective multiples and submultiples, which circulate in currencies of 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1, 2.5 Soles. There are bills of 10, 20, 50,100 and 200 Soles. The dollar and the euro are accepted in establishments of tourist services, according to the exchange rate of the day.
Most credit cards are valid as, Diner’s Club, Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Travelers Check have limitations, check beforehand if accepted.

» Timetables – Perú

Peruvian time is determined 5 hours less than GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). In reference to other cities, when it is noon in Peru are:

»Lima, capital of Peru (12:00 h)
»New York (13:00 h)
” Madrid ()
»London (14:00 h)
»Buenos Aires (14:00 h)
»Paris (19:00)
»Tokyo (02:00 h) *
»Sydney (03:00 h) *
»Santiago de Chile (13:00)
»Rio de Janeiro (14:00)

* The next day.

» Holidays in Perú

»January 01 – New Year.
»February 03 – Pisco Sour Day.
»March, end of the month – Holy Week.
»May 01 – Labor Day.
»June 15 – Day of the Andean Song.
»July 24 and 25 – Anniversary of Huaraz.
»July 28 and 29 – Anniversary of the Independence of Peru.
»August 30 – Santa Rosa de Lima.
»October 08 – Combat of Angamos.
»November 01 – All Saints.
»December 08 – Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.
»December 25 – Christmas of the child Jesus.

» Food and Beverages – Perú

The Peruvian gastronomy is varied, the most famous dishes are: the Cebiche of fish ), Lomo saltado, Anticucho, Rice with chicken, Chicken Aji, Grilled chicken with potato chips, Pachamanca, Spicy of cuy, Fried trout.
Do not forget to try the authentic national drink, Pisco Sour, the world famous cocktail prepared with pisco, lemon, egg whites and sugar.

In the whole of Peru there are many restaurants with a variety of regional, national and international dishes.

» Visas of tourism

Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Peru.

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